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Sriracha is a seaside city in Thailand, where the original founder would ground her own chilli sauce for dipping fresh catches when friends visited. It was so good her friends encouraged her to sell it so others could have a taste. This sauce was bottled for sale under the brand “Sriracha” to honor where it came from. Her sauce was first launched in 1932 where Sriracha won the gold medal repeatedly—more than 10 times in total. That’s where the famous tagline “Sriracha – Gold Medal Brand” and the medal logo come from.


Sriracha Gold Medal Brand uses fresh chilli: “Prik Che Fah” for the MILD-hot recipe and “Prik Khi Nhu” for the STRONG-hot recipe. Other ingredients include fermented garlic, white sugar, vinegar and sea salt. There are no chemical substances, flour, MSG, additives or food preservatives. 

Gold Medal Sriracha Chili (MILD)

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