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Sauce Legend is borne out of a ground up initiative by parents determined to be mindful about feeding our families with Safe, Tasty and Healthy sauces.

Modern day sauce manufacturing processes often involve the use of additives, artificial flavoring and chemicals to speed up production and reduce costs. This practice is particularly evident in the US$150bn global sauce industry where profits come first.

Fortunately, there is a dwindling number of old sauce makers still insisting on traditional ways and artisan techniques to make sauces using natural ingredients. 

We call them Sauce Legends, having honed their sauce making craft for at least half a century.

Sadly, these Sauce Legends are struggling to survive against the Goliaths that have the resources to reach billions with cheaper yet inferior products through mass distribution in supermarkets.

Our mission is to create a community of mindful consumers. Together, we can save these Sauce Legends from extinction and preserve our dying

food heritage for our children.

With Sauce Legend, you and I, together we can 

Make ALL Sauces SAFE Again!


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