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Soy Sauce Cap Sapi has been established since 1938 by Mr.Kong Giap who started his business with the motto "The perfect taste comes from natural ingredients". At first he only make a few bottles and sell it to the neighbours. Using his old bicycle go door to door to offer his products so it can be known by public. Years by years has passed, and soy sauce Cap Sapi has grow bigger under the company name Karya Gemilang, and yet still using the traditional way to keep the quality standard so the taste it's still the same since 1938 until now.


We have 3 kinds of products:
- Kecap Asin (salty soy sauce)
- Kecap Manis Special (sweet soy sauce from the 1'st brew)
- Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce from the 2'nd brew)


Cap Sapi Soy Sauce is made from real palm sugar, selected soybeans and vegetable spices.


No preservatives

No thickener

No coloring


Ingredients: Soy Beans, Red Palm Sugar, Spices, Salt, Water


Volume: 250ml

Product of Indonesia

Cap Sapi Kecap Manis

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